Safari FAQ

Are you completely new to African safaris? Here we will help you understand what a safari is all about and whether it’s the right choice for you. These are the top frequently asked questions about safaris, and our answers to them. All, of course, while taking into consideration ethical concerns and the impact of tourism in Africa. 😉

Setting Your Budget

  • What is the average cost of an African safari?
  • What are affordable alternatives to actual African safaris?
  • What are budget options for African safaris?
  • What is the difference between an inexpensive African safari and a high-cost safari tour?
  • What is the best affordable safari to visit for a 3-5 day trip?
  • How can I make the most of a two week safari trip?
  • What should I do if I have four weeks to spend in Africa?
  • Does value does a travel agent bring for someone booking a safari holiday?
  • What should I look for when choosing a travel agent?
  • How do I find local businesses to book with?

Choosing a Tour Operator

  • Who owns and runs African safaris?
  • How do I choose a safari operator?
  • What does ethical tourism mean?
  • Is there such a thing as an ethical safari?
  • How do I tell if a safari is run ethically?
  • What are the best African safari companies?
  • What are the most interesting safari tours in Africa?
  • Which websites do African safari travelers use?
  • What should travelers be wary of when booking an African safari?
  • What are the top luxury African safaris?
  • What are the best African photo safaris?
  • Which African tour companies contribute to the local economy?

Finding a Safari Location

  • What are the best known places in Africa to visit?
  • What is the best place in the world to see wildlife?
  • What are the best places for a safari in South Africa?
  • What is the best website for tourists visiting Tanzania?
  • What are the top ten African safari destinations?
  • How much does an African safari guide earn?
  • How do I become an African safari guide?
  • Who owns the land where African safaris operate?
  • Which are the smallest African safari parks?
  • Can you go on an African safari without entering a reserve?
  • What is unique about Tanzania?
  • What are little known African safari destinations?
  • Which safari region is better, Southern or East Africa?
  • What is the most luxurious train ride safari?
  • Where can I go to find the origins of humankind on a safari?

Setting Your Expectations

  • Am I cut out to handle an African safari?
  • How do African safaris work, and what should I expect on one?
  • How long do African safari tours typically last?
  • What is the best time of year to go on an African safari?
  • What don’t first-time travelers realize about African safaris?
  • Why do people enjoy African safaris so much?
  • What is the best part of going on an African safari?
  • What is life really like in Africa?
  • What is the most luxurious ethical African safari?
  • How are African safari lodges so luxurious?
  • Why should you always stay inside your vehicle on an African safari?
  • Will there be electricity on my African safari trip?
  • What are safari accommodations like?
  • Will I be roughing it in a luxury tented camp?
  • How should I plan my African safari honeymoon?

Understanding Safari Wildlife

  • What animals can I expect to see on an African safari?
  • Is an African safari incomplete if I don’t see all of the Big Five?
  • How do I survive an interaction with a growling lion?
  • Is gorilla trekking worth it?
  • How rare is the African spotted dog?
  • How do African animals feel about being watched?
  • Do African animals feel threatened by safari visitors?
  • How do the fees charged by safaris get used to protect African wildlife?
  • How many African species are currently endangered?
  • Which organizations are currently protecting African wildlife?
  • How dangerous are the animals on an African safari?
  • What does it feel like see African wildlife in person?

Finding Safari Media

  • What are reliable African safari resources?
  • What are the best African safari channels on YouTube?
  • What are the best African safari blogs?
  • Which books about African safaris should I read?
  • Where can I get in touch with others who have gone on safari holidays?
  • Which African animal experts should I follow?

Preparing for Your Safari Holiday

  • How do I plan for an African safari?
  • Is it possible to arrange my own African safari without a guide?
  • What are safety precautions to take before going on an African safari?
  • What are the ideal clothes for an African safari?
  • What are the best cameras and lens for an African safari?
  • How do I get great wildlife photos on my African safari?
  • What is the youngest age I should take my children on a safari?
  • How do I plan for an African safari trip with kids?
  • What kind of binoculars should I take on an African safari?
  • Are there any weight or space restrictions for day bags on my safari?
  • How do I tip while going on a safari holiday in Africa?
  • What should I pack for my African safari holiday?
  • How safe is Africa for tourists?
  • What can I do to stay safe while on a safari?
  • How can I go on a safari and not behave like a typical tourist?
  • What are the medical health precautions and issues?

Learning About Africa

  • What are the top African customs I should know about?
  • What are the best African cuisines?
  • What are interesting African traditions?