African Safari Wildlife

Going on an African safari means you’ll get pretty close and personal to a myriad of wildlife and their habitats. Here, you can learn all about these species, how to behave around them, as well as how to protect their future.

African LionFrequentVulnerableThe African Lion lives in the savanna as an ambush hunter. It is part of the "Big Five", because... Read more
African ElephantFrequentVulnerable--
LeopardModerateNear Threatened--
White RhinocerosModerateNear Threatened--
Northern White RhinocerosRareCritically Endangered--
Black RhinocerosRareCritically Endangered--
Cape BuffaloFrequentLeast Concern--
Black BuffaloLeast Concern
Common ZebraNear Threatened
ServalLeast Concern
Wart HogLeast Concern
Spotted HyenaLeast Concern
BaboonNear Threatened
Patas MonkeyLeast Concern
Lesser Bush BabyLeast Concern
GazelleNear Threatened
WaterbuckLeast Concern
Sable AntelopeLeast Concern
Coke’s HartebeestLeast Concern
WildebeestLeast Concern
ElandLeast Concern
ImpalaLeast Concern
Greater KuduLeast Concern
Ugandan KobLeast Concern
Oryx (Gemsbok)Least Concern
GerenukNear Threatened
DikdikLeast Concern
Secretary BirdVulnerable
OstrichLeast Concern
BongoNear Threatened
BushbuckLeast Concern
Mantled guerezaLeast Concern
Sykes' MonkeyLeast Concern
Mountain GorillaCritically Endangered

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  • Top Organizations Currently Protecting African Wildlife
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